Romania is one of the most conservative countries in the world and, at the same time, one of the fewest places where you can still experience an archaic lifestyle. And this confers it a huge touristic potential, being recommended by many media outlets as a top European travel destination in the past years. The new platform is revealing the reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Romania.

  1. Romania’s relatively central location on the continent and the numerous low cost airlines makes it a very accessible destination from any corner of Europe. There are currently 8 airports that operate foreign low-cost flights and that cover the entire country.
  2. Romania is one of the cheapest European countries, according to statistics, ranking third after Albania and Bulgaria. No wonder that many tourists choose to spend extended holidays, for one week or more, unlike in the neighbouring countries, such as Bulgaria or Hungary, where the average stay stands at 3-4 days. This is due to the fact that Romania’s tourism is mainly based on local experiences.
  3. Romania is one of the most spectacular European countries in terms of relief and ecosystems. 28% of the country’s size is covered by mountains, 42% by hills and plateaus, and the rest by plains. At the same time, Romania has access to the Black Sea, with the summer season lasting around 4 months and it also houses the most preserved delta in the world, the Danube Delta, where tourism is developed eight months a year.

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