I’ve been reading articles from the Wildventure blog for some time now. When I saw the Travlocals platform was launched, I knew it would have a special place in my browser’s bookmarks list for a long time. ?

Romania is a great destination if we think of adventure and sustainable tourism. Unfortunately, if you look for authentic experiences, they were not easy to spot until not so long ago. In my perspective, most of the local accommodations were targeting mass tourism, the services were not great, and there was a lack of authenticity.

View over Sighisoara fortress in Romania
View from Sighisoara – the only inhabitated medieval fortress in Europe

Through his two projects, Radu Fusea brought Romanian traditions, rural and sustainable tourism into the spotlight. So if you are looking to find one of a kind accommodation and best experiences in Romania, you should check out the two platforms he launched: Wildventure blog and Travlocals booking platform.

I am so happy to bring you today an interview with Radu. He was so kind as to share his story with us. I am sure that you will enjoy it:

A.L.: Hi, Radu! I admit that I am a fan of the two projects you developed, Wildventure and Travlocals! ? First of all, how were they born, and what is their purpose?

R. F.: Hi, Ana! Thank you for the opportunity to present the history and future of my projects to your audience!

Wildventure was born from a need that I identified three years ago. I saw at the news, or in the online environment various gorgeous accommodations. Then when I wanted to book, I couldn’t find them anymore. I searched for days through tens of thousands of listings, and they were untraceable. That was because many of them do not identify at all with volume-focused businesses. So I decided to centralize all these accommodations and unique experiences in a blog. At that time, I did not know if the demand is big enough for a large-scale project such as the Travlocals booking platform.

Things went well, and the community around Wildventure Romania grew explosively and organically. At that time, you could develop without much investment, which is now almost impossible.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that we needed to take the next step. That is to build a booking platform through which tourists can book these spectacular experiences and accommodations with no additional fee. At the same time, I had to find a way to monetize the activity to develop further.

At present, Travlocals is the most modern Romanian booking platform. I believe that we have built around it the best tourist community.

Travlocals accommodations
Accommodations on Travlocals.com
AL: You launched the Travlocals booking platform at the end of 2019. What were the biggest challenges that you had to overcome to bring this project to life?

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