Information on the reservation process

Can I make a reservation on behalf of another person?
Transparency and trust are essential for the project. Before the booking process takes place, people rely on the information available on personal profiles or on the reviews provided on them. We encourage all users of our platform to book their experiences through their personal accounts. Of course, in the case of a group reservation, only one person can make the reservation for the entire group, but it is indicated that the person is part of the group. Only in this way a feedback can be provided at the end of the stay, thus helping not only the community, but also the platform to select its partners objectively. Since our services are free to all users, we recommend that you encourage your friends to create a personal account.
Can I see a location before I make a reservation?
Of course! We do not commission the transactions so you have complete freedom to contact the host or to meet them at the respective location. Booking through the platform facilitates this process while also trying to provide you as objective information as possible through reviews from other users.
How long does a host have to answer my reservation request?
A host has 24h to respond to your request. This time limit is usually not exceeded, but if it happens, please contact us and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Most of our partners respond to your requests in 1h-12h. Please keep in mind that the experiences we promote are different from the ones that are typical for the hotel industry where, for example, there is a 24h reception. Therefore, your stay is considered reserved only after you have directly contacted the host.
How do I make a reservation?
To make a reservation, first fill in the fields in the available filters (check-in, check-out, number of rooms, number of adults, number of children). Please note that, in some cases, each room must be reserved individually. For example, where an accommodation unit has 3 double rooms with different specifications and prices, you will have to fill in the filter with number 1 for selecting the room and number 2 for selecting the number of adults. Thus, all available double rooms will be displayed. If you fill in the filter with number 3 for selecting the rooms and number 6 for selecting the adults, the search engine will not return any results as each room is individually defined in the situation mentioned above. Some locations can be booked entirely. In this case, please enter number 1 for selecting the rooms and the total number of guests for adults. If you have any questions, you can contact the hosts directly in the contact form placed on the right side of the reservation form. Payment by card on the platform is not allowed at the moment, as no contracts can be concluded between natural persons (as is the case with many of our partners) and payment processors. But as soon as a technical or legislative opportunity arises, we will comply. Therefore, reservations will be made for the time being by submitting a form which automatically sends to the host the details entered by the customer in the reservation form. After submitting the form, the client must check their email address to confirm this. Later, the host will receive the request in the reservation management panel and will be able to approve it manually. The payment method for the reservation tests at the agreement of the two parties, and can be made either by bank transfer or cash at the location. Our platform is not involved in the transaction in any way and it does not applies any additional charges.
What if my booking was refused by the host or it expired?
If your reservation has been refused for no good reason, please contact us at: If the host has not been able to respond to your reservation within 24 hours, you can let us know and we will either help you with the reservation or we will pay closer attention to how the respective partner meets the criteria set out in our bilateral contract. We recommend that you contact several service providers on our site and ask them for details simultaneously. This is especially beneficial if the kind of experience you are looking for is going to happen shortly after your reservation request.
What if I paid for a service and the provider did not respond to my requests?
Any misunderstanding in this regard will have to be resolved between the parties directly involved in the reservation process (the host and its client). Situations of this type are very rare, but if you do find yourself in a situation like this, please let us know so that we can pay closer attention to how the respective partner respects the contractual terms.
How can I check the status of my reservation?
The status of your reservation can be verified in the Booking History section of your personal account created on the platform.

Contacting the host

How can I contact a host?
The service providers promoted on can be contacted in the contact form located on the right side of the reservation form. We advise you to not make any payments before you have had a direct contact, written or verbal, with the service provider you want to book. Given the fact that the type of experiences promoted on our platform is different from those involving the hotel industry, for example, where there is a 24h reception, we try to take all precautionary measures to avoid the situations in which a stay is booked and paid shortly before check-in time (several hours) and the host fails to notice the reservation. You also have to take into account that some of the experiences are seasonal. Although booking them in the off-season is almost impossible since the calendar is updated, contacting the host in advance offers an additional guarantee on availability.

Prices and taxes

How is the final price for a reservation determined?
The final price for a reservation is calculated based on the information updated by the service provider and on the specific information you have entered (number of persons, number of rooms, length of stay etc.). does not add a service charge or any other fees, thus offering you the guarantee that you will reserve your stay for the best price on the market. The only taxes that can be added to the total price of a stay / experience are the exchange fees (if paid in another currency than the one specified by the supplier) or the local taxes (resort taxes), but these cannot be attributed to the Travlocals platform.
Can I pay in any currency?
Each service provider must clearly specify the accepted payment currencies for the experiences offered on the platform. The payment will only be possible in the currency of the settled bank accounts of the service providers, if payment in advance is required. In some situations, it is allowed to pay cash at the location.

What do I have to do to have a pleasant experience with Travlocals? offers you the opportunity to discover special experiences with local specificity, while we impose the highest quality standards on our partners. We hope that you, as well as all the others who have used our services, have an experience that will stick to your heart for the rest of your life.

For everything to go perfectly, here are some tips.


Before booking

Create your personal account and provide a few real information about yourself (name, surname, phone number, email, etc.), as well as a short biography. Our hosts prefer to know what kind of guests they will have to deal with, and the information you will reveal on your profile will increase the chances that your requests will be accepted.

Make sure you have carefully read the rules of each experience and that they fit your needs perfectly.

Allow yourself time to study the reviews of the experience you want to book or any other information that you find relevant. We also advise you to provide an objective review at the end of your stay so that other members of the community can get important information from a relevant user.
Contact the hosts whenever you have additional questions.


Before the trip

Communicate to the host in detail all the special needs you have and make sure you receive a confirmation that your host can provide what you need (preferably written, through internal messaging).
Notify your host if you will arrive outside regular check-in time.


During the stay

Honor all your commitments (including arrival time) and try to follow the rules of the house.
Treat your host and all the assets they make available to you as if they were your friends, and you will receive the same treatment.
Explore the surroundings and help local businesses. Eat at locals, buy handmade items, learn crafts, enjoy nature and fresh air. Join the community and try to live like a local.

Ask the host’s permission if you want to receive other guests at the location.
Whatever the problem, ask your host for help.


At the end of the stay

Give your host an honest review to help other community members get informed. Travlocals is a niche project that works with the help of its community.

Cancelling a reservation


The hosts have no right to cancel a reservation after its confirmation, except for force majeure situations. The reasons must be solid otherwise please report the problem to the email address: Hosts who cancel reservations for no reason will no longer be allowed to extend the promotion subscription on the platform.

No matter the situation, if a cancellation occurs after the cost of the services has been paid by the client, the host is obliged to return the amount paid by the client in full.

If the client decides to cancel the reservation after the partial or total cost of the respective service, the amount refunded is dependant upon on the cancellation conditions specified by each host on the experience presentation page, conditions that the client is obliged to read before making the reservation.

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