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‘’ means Travlocals Promo, a limited liability company set up under Romanian law, with a registered office at 15, General Marin Ionescu Street, in Pitesti, Arges.

Through the medium of the website, Travlocals Promo makes available an online booking service where service providers, who meet all our criteria, can offer their products and services on a subscription basis. The users of the website can book these products or services directly from the host, without Travlocals Promo collecting any commission from any of the parties.

Travlocals Promo is not the provider of the services offered on, therefore it does not sell experiences of any kind.
When you book an experience on, you are engaged in a direct contractual relationship with the respective service provider. sends the reservation details to the relevant provider or offers the means of direct contact with it (internal messaging, email, telephone or other details). After making a booking via the platform, you will receive a confirmation email on behalf of the supplier. If you choose to contact the supplier in any other way, it is up to you to decide how to receive your booking confirmation, based on your agreement with the supplier.

All our services are free for the users. does not charge / commission any booking. Payments are made directly into the service provider’s account.

Service providers


The suppliers selected by us to sell their products or services on are professionals who are in a contractual relationship with Travlocals Promo.

Under the terms of this contractual relationship, Travlocals Promo receives a subscription (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) in exchange for promotion, and offers in advance a 3 month free trial period or other limited offer deals, so that each potential partner can become familiar with the facilities of the platform.

Travlocals Promo does not charge a commision nor imposes any taxes for reservations made on our platform.

A breach of the quality criteria imposed on the provider by may void its right to further extend the subscription.



All information about the properties displayed on the website is based on information provided by the suppliers, who can use the extranet site to which they have access in order to update the prices, availability and options, according to their needs and at their own pace. tries to update the website in real time.

Property Classification


On the results page of our site, the properties in the relevant region or city are sorted by default settings or, for the purpose of facilitating better search results, you can use the filters located at the top of the results page to see only the right results.

Dispute Resolution


The contractual relationship is established between the service provider and his client. Therefore, any claim regarding the services offered or the Terms and Conditions applicable to the stay must be addressed directly to the provider.

Unless otherwise provided by public order, any litigation arising from the use of our services and general terms is referred to the relevant competent authorities in Arges, Romania.

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