is a platform specifically designed for rural / cultural tourism, so we impose certain standards on our partners. To ensure that we promote the most beautiful experiences that a tourist can have in Romania, all listings on the platform go through our filter.

For example, listings of hotels, apartments and any other units that have nothing in common with the local specificity are not accepted. Hence, we offer our partners a targeted promotion aiming exactly at the category of clients interested in these services, thus greatly improving the conversion rate.

If you meet at least one of the conditions below, you can request an eligibility review to become a partner:

  1. You offer accommodation in restored traditional houses. Not every house / guesthouse in the rural area is considered traditional. We are only interested in authentic units, decades old, completely restored to offer tourists a high level of comfort.
  2. You offer accommodation in boyier houses, mansions or castles. They must comply with the same conditions outlined in the previous point. Any artificial element used in the restoration (stainless steel, insulating windows, laminate flooring, decorative plastering, etc.) diminishes the chances of eligibility.
  3. You offer accommodation in glampings, tree houses, bungalows and other types of unique locations
  4. You are the owner of a winery and organize specific events (tours, tasting, etc.) there.
  5. You organize traditional brunches in the rural area. The locations must be carefully chosen to introduce the guest in a most picturesque atmosphere (in spacious gardens, in the sheepfold, in the courtyard of the old churches, etc.). The dishes placed on the table must be prepared locally.
  6. You know the old crafts and you want to pass them down to the next generations.
  7. You offer horseback riding lessons or horseback rides or rides in horse or other animal drawn trailers, on various routes with high tourist potential.
  8. You provide any other type of special tourist services. is a platform that offers complete flexibility throughout the booking process. Our partners can be contacted by potential clients through internal messaging, as we do not restrict communication in any way. Hence, before you make a reservation we can provide you with full addresses and telephone numbers, personalized offers and any other details. Also, the decision regarding the payment method (transfer to bank account, online payment through the platform, cash payment at the location) rests with the two parties. partners undertake to offer the best price for the services provided, understanding that this is to their best interest, as transactions are not commissioned. Also, partners have to manage their own booking calendar, even if the users of the platform will be advised to first request a written or verbal agreement regarding the validity of the reservation. Thus, we want to avoid situations in which the service provider did not notice a late reservation before the user arrives at the location.

Even if partners meet the above criteria to be listed on the platform, it is necessary to meet one essential condition. The reviews received from guests who have passed their threshold must be mostly positive. Partners who do not meet this criterion will no longer be able to extend their subscription at the end of its current validity period.

We provide partners with a good practice guide that facilitates obtaining a better feedback from customers and adding up to their income.

As stated earlier, no transaction is commissioned. The promotion through the platform is based on a flexible subscription grid. All potential partners receive in advance a free 3 month trial period or other advantageous offers in order to become familiar with our services. Extending our collaboration is a joint decision.

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