Are you tired of commercial and very busy places? Of noise, pollution, stress and living in a hurry? You need a break to realize that going back to the origins is the solution for physical and emotional rebalance.

Well, we suggest a course of rural tourism in Romania. Picturesque villages, medieval fortresses, fairytale landscapes, traditions and customs preserved like nowhere else are waiting for you in one of the most conservative countries of Europe. Here, you will come in contact with a lifestyle long-gone in the rest of the continent. For the lovers of ecotourism, Romania is one of the best places to visit.

Over 28% of the country’s territory is covered by mountains, with altitudes ranging between 800 and 2544 m. This area is the perfect host for the last virgin forests of the continent and for aprox. 50% of the big carnivores population, excepting Russia. Bears, wolves, lynxes and other animals which are strictly protected by law wander freely in the secular forests. The buffaloes, the biggest mammals from Europe, came back and repopulated the natural mountain parks.

You will also find other treasures in the mountain area, handmade this time. We are talking about the transalpine highways. The most known is the Transfagarasan. With a 151 km length and a maximum altitude of 2042 m (Balea Lake), Transfagarasan is considered one of the most spectacular roads in the world by the British publication It’s good to know that this is not the highest highway in Romania, that being Transalpina (2145 m).

42% of Romania’s surface is covered by hills and highlands. In these areas you will find rural communities who have not changed their lifestyle so much in the last centuries. The gastronomy is delicious, mainly based on organic food, produced in their own households. Prepare yourself to feel the taste of childhood again.

Furthermore, the area is excellent for vineyards, Romania being one of the biggest wine producers of the world. Here, you will find numerous historical vineyards, introduced into the vinitourism. For the record, the well-known publication Financial Times says that Transylvania is slowly becoming the new Tuscany of Europe. The vineyards of Dragasani are also not to be missed by those who are looking for tastings, accommodation and other specific experiences at Romania’s vineyards.

30% of Romania’s surface is covered by fertile plains. Here, the rivers form deltas, the most-known being the Danube Delta, spreading on 5,700 km², when the river is poured into the Black Sea. It is the best preserved delta in Europe and one of the wildest and most spectacular ecosystems of the world. aims to unravel the most beautiful ecotourism experiences from Romania and help tourists book them directly from the hosts with no commission.