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Bears Observation in Transylvania

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These observatories are in the heart of the forest, where bears can be admired in their natural environment.

Time and location of the departure will be confirmed via phone. We run two hideouts at two different locations. It depends on various factor where we take our guests, such as animal movement at the previous day, number of guests, possible disturbing activities in the forest, etc. We take into acount all these circumstances to provide the best experience and adventure for our guests.

Way to the Transylvania’s bear observatories

Băile Tușnad hideout

The program starts from the train station Băile Tușnad. Depending on the number of people and the weather, we go to the hideout with an off-road vehicle or horse-drawn carriage. The carriage waits for us in the forest 500 meters away from the train station. After a 30 minutes ride on carriage, we walk 300 meters to the hideout. During the walk everybody should remain in silence and follow the tour guide in a row.

Sfanta Ana lake hideout

The tour starts from a shelter near the road, from where we walk up 400 meters to the hideout. During the walk everybody should remain in silence and follow the tour guide in a row.

We have 2 hideouts: one of 20 people (close to Baile Tusnad), the other 40 people (close to Sfanta Ana Lake)

Program duration: 2 hours

Hideout rental for one day: 600 euros (max 10 people)

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  • We are pretty sure that you will see bears. If not, you don’t have to pay.


  • Profesional guides equipped with pepper spray and arms on request.
  • Snacks - are forbidden.
  • Drinks - you can bring with you.

Activity's Location

Created with Sketch. Lacul Sfânta Ana, Romania


Money-back guarantee
It is important that guests coming to hides to be satisfied with our service. We guarantee that you will see bears and have a great time. Even if you saw bears but didn’t have a good time, we won’t charge you. The only one condition is to tell us what you didn’t like about our service. There are no hard feelings. Moreover, we welcome to have your constructive remarks and recommendations to give the best experience for tourists.
It is recommended to wear hiking clothes suited for the season and dark outwear on top to raise the effect of the one-way glass. It is also recommended to bring an umbrella or rain coat in case of raining. Use of intensive perfumes should be avoided.
The hide is sealed and perfectly safe. Bears can be observed and photographed in their natural habitat through a large, one-way glass.
Eating is forbidden in the hides, but it is recommended to bring water.
Age restriction
It may be necessary to sit in silence for more than two hours, which may be difficult for children. For this reason, we don’t recommend our tour for children under age 6.
Use of phone
At the start of the tour, please switch your phone to airplane mode, adjust the minimum brighness and turn off the flash light. The sound of the phone, display light and flashlight distrupt animals.
Taking pictures
Taking pictures and videos in hides is allowed and free to use. Using flashlight is forbidden. Many don’t know that beside the flashlight, there are other lights on the photo camera too, distrupting animals, such as autofocus assist light or red eye correction light. These lights do not always work in good light conditions, but they turn on automatically in weaker lighting conditions. These functions can be disabled from the menu. Please check youre camera and turn off these features before starting the tour. Any type of flashlight could scare the bears.
In the hide
The greater the silence the more animal we will see. You sit at 30 cm distance from the glass, otherwise your phone, face, etc. will be seen. If the bear arrives, but you don’t see it yet, do not get up! You will make noise and the bear will run away. Our hides are designed in a way that everyone could see the bear, with just a few seconds difference apart.


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