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  • Code of Good Practice
  • Introductory Terms and Conditions
    1. Definitions
    2. Purpose and nature of our service
    3. Prices
    4. Confidentiality and cookies
    5. No taxes and commissions for users. Service providers pay subscription!
    6. Bank transfer or cash payment
    7. Advance payment, cancellation, no-show and important details
    8. Correspondence (supplementary)
    9. Ranking, preferential programme, stars and customer reviews
    10. Repudiation
    11. Applicable law, jurisdiction and dispute settlement
  • Dispute settlement

Code of Good Practice

Our mission is to create a community interested in national identity,traditional and historical tourism, facilitating the interaction between the two parties involved, the service providers and the clients. In this regard, we enforced the following code of good practice:

  • We want to offer an experience as pleasant as possible to our customers from all over the world whom are interested in authentic tourism. Therefore, the Travlocals.com platform will be bilingual for starters.
  • We are constantly looking for the most beautiful and qualitative experiences in which our clients are interested, sorting through them according to the feedback we get from the people who tried them.
  • Travlocals.com does not commission transactions and does not require a certain method of payment, this being left to those who are directly involved in the booking process.
  •  We offer a support section in which we will try to answer to all the questions an user may have. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please write to support@travlocals.com and we will try to offer a solution in 24 h maximum.
  • We allow you to put across your point of view regarding the services offered by our partners through the reviews. These will not be censored and we will take them into consideration when we extend the contracts with our partners.
  • We offer the best guaranteed price through the contract concluded by each service provider.
  • We will remain a niche platform, requiring high standards for the quality of the promoted experiences.
  • We equite the prices (Eur/Ron).

Terms and conditions

  1. Definitions

The terms  “Travlocals.com”, “We”, “Our” refer to Travlocals Promo, a private limited-liability company, registered in Romania, headquartered in General Marin Ionescu Street, nr. 15, Pitesti, Arges.

The term “Platform” refers to our website and all our applications which are owned, controlled, administrated, maintained and/or hosted by Travlocals.com in the future.

The term “Experiences” refers to all our touristic services promoted through our platform which can be ordered, obtained, purchased, bought, payed, rented, reserved, combined or consumed by you from the Service Supplier.

“Service Supplier”, “Service Provider” refers to the accommodation provider (Ex: traditional houses, mansions, manor houses or castles), tours provider (Ex: tour of wineries, tour of horse drawn carriages on tourist routes etc), craftsman or instructor teaching courses (Ex: horse riding, pottering etc.)  or any other provider who promotes their services through Travlocals.com.

  1. Purpose and nature of our service

The Travlocals.com platform (owned and administrated by Travlocals Promo SRL) offers an online tool through which the Service Providers can promote Experiences and visitors can discover them, look for them, order them,reserve them. We offer multiple ways of contacting the parties (Service Providers and persons interested in buying or reserving them), without intermediating the transaction economically or commercially in any way.We only intervene administratively (sending booking details or confirmation e-mails). Travlocals.com does not sell, rent or offer any experience on its own behalf. 

The promoted experiences are based on the information which the Service Provider sends us. Therefore, the Service Provider promoting their Experience through our Platform gets access to our systems and extranet through which they become exclusively responsible for the update of the prices/taxes information, availability, conditions and politics or any other relevant information which is published on our platform. Although we pay special attention to the Experiences promoted by the Service Providers on our Platform, we will not verify if or guarantee that all information is precise, complete or correct and we will not be held responsible for any error (including typographical errors or other evident error), any interruption (whether it’s due to temporary failure and/or partial, reparations, updates or support of our Platform or others), for inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-disclosure of information. Each Service Provider is held responsible for the accuracy, integrity or fairness of the information (descriptive), including prices/taxes, availability or other politics and conditions presented on our Platform. Our platform does not form and should not be seen as a total guarantor of the promoted services’ quality, even though we try to provide a high level of those.

Our experiences are available exclusively for personal or non-commercial use. Therefore you do not have the permission to resell, use, copy, deep-link, monitor (Ex: spider, scrape), display or reproduce any information or content, software, bookings, products or available services through our Platform or any activity with commercial/competitive purpose.

  1. Prices

The prices offered by the Service Providers through our Platform are very competitive. All the displayed prices include TVA/ sales taxes (subject to the modification of such taxes), excluding the case in which it is mentioned otherwise on our Platform or in the booking confirmation email. The prices are for a person or a group and they are related to the availability or the indicated expiry date, if necessary.

Sometimes, lower prices are available on our Platform for a certain experience, product or service, but these prices are established by the Service Providers and can have restrictions or special conditions, for example experiences which can’t be canceled and prices which can’t be returned. We ask you to check the conditions or information regarding the product, service and the booking conditions to see if there are restrictions before you make a booking.

The currency converter is only for the purpose of your information and should not be taken as precised and in real time. The real prices may vary.

Any errors and mistakes (including mistaken printing) are not executory.

All the special offers and promotions are marked as such. If they are not marked, you can get no right in the event of an obvious error or mistake.

  1. Confidentiality and Cookies.

Travlocals.com respects your privacy.

The Travlocals Promo Company S.R.L. („Travlocals”) is registered in the processing of personal data public Register number 2030 from 02/10/2019. 

The Travlocals Promo Company S.R.L takes all technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from accidental or illegal damage, loss, modification, unveiling or unauthorized access. 

Users who have access to the personal data base are only those authorized by the management of the company. Each of them accesses the data base with their own account name and password. All users are obliged to keep the confidentiality of the data they have access to and, at every end of sessions in the data base they will close the session. If one or more users are revoked for various reasons, the access accounts shall be automatically suspended.

Users access personal data only for the provision of the service tasks.

Computers from which they access the personal data base have daily updated passwords, protection against viruses, antispam and firewall.

Printing of personal data is made only by authorized users and only for the purpose required by the law in force.

According to law no. 677/2001 for the protection of people regarding processing personal data and the free movement of personal data, modified and completed. Travlocals is obliged to administrate safe and only for the specified purpose the personal data you provide us.


The purpose of collecting data is: informing the users about their status on Travlocals.com, informing clients regarding the evolution and status of the bookings, evaluation of the offered services, commercial, promoting services and products, marketing, media, administrative, development, market research, statistics and following and monitoring of sales and consumer behaviour activities.

By completing your data into the create an account or Order form, you declare that you accept unconditionally to include your personal data in the Travlocals data base, registered in the processing of personal data public Register number 2030 from 02/10/2019 and you give your express and unequivocal approval for this personal data to be stocked and used unlimited regionally and/or temporary by Travlocals, its affiliates and activities collaborators like, but without being limited to, commercial, promoting services and products, marketing, media, administrative, development, market research, statistics and following and monitoring of sales and consumer behaviour activities. Also, you give your express and unequivocal approval that this personal data can be transferred (ceded) by Travlocals to its affiliates or to other entities in the country or abroad.


By reading the Terms and Conditions you are aware that your provided by law rights, respectively the right to be informed, the right of access to data, the right of intervention, the right to object, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to appeal to justice in case of violation of rights provided by law no. 677/2001 for the protection of people regarding processing personal data and the free movement of personal data. You also have the right to object to the process of your personal data and to request the total or partial removal of them.

On a written, dated, signed and mailed to General Marin Ionescu Street, no. 15, Pitesti, Arges request you can exert the following rights for free:


  • to request your data to be deleted with the exception of the circumstances laid down by law;
  • once a year to be confirmed that your personal data is processed or not;
  • to intervene on the submitted data;
  • to object to the process of data for founded and legitimate reasons regarding their particular situation;

Travlocals does not promote SPAM. Any user who specifically provided their email address on the Travlocals.com website can opt for the erase of it from our data base.

The information you provide will be used in the purpose you provided them from, to administrate, support and evaluate our services and to prevent the violation of security, law and our contractual terms.

Also, Travlocals can deliver your personal data to other companies they are partners with, but only based on a confidentiality commitment from them where they guarantee that this data is kept safe and that delivering this data is made under the laws in force, as follows: the marketing services, payment/banking services  and telemarketing services providers and other companies we can develop mutual market bidding for our products and services programmes with, insurers. 

Our personal data can be delivered to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police, Courts and other authorized state organs, based on and within the limits of legal provisions and as a result of expressly submitted demands.


Each time you use our online services, including the applications, cookies and other surveillance technologies may be used in different ways to make our Travlocals.com website work, to analyze its traffic in advertising purposes. These technologies may be used directly by us, or by our business partners among whom may be third party providers and advertisers we work with.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data located in the computer’s browser or on your mobile device. The so called ˝first party cookies˝ are cookies served by the enitity operating the field where your cookie is delivered. The own Travlocals.com cookies are those ˝first party cookies˝ type. If we allow others to place cookies on the Travlocals websites and applications, they are called “third party cookies”.

In addition, there is a difference between ongoing and session cookies. The session cookies exist only until you close the browser. The ongoing cookies have a longer lifespan and are not automatically erased after you close the browser. We try to place or to allow the placement of cookies with a lifespan of 5 years. A cookie will have a longer lifespan only under exceptional circumstances, like for security reasons or when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Besides cookies, we also use other similar surveillance technologies. These may include web beacons (knows as pixel tags, web bugs or gifs), surveillance URL tags or software development kits (SDK). A web beacon is a minuscule graphic image or just a pixel  which can be placed on the computer as part of a web page request, in an application, a commercial or a HTML message through e-mail. Pixels can be used to extract information from your device, as its type or operating system, IP address or visit hour. They are also used to deliver and read cookies in browser. Surveillance URL tags are used to understand on which reference websites are used the Travlocals.com websites and applications. SDKs are small pieces of code included in applications which work as web beacon or cookies.

All these technologies are called ˝cookie˝ in this section, named by us Cookies.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are used in multiple purposes. They allow you to be recognized as the same user on all the pages of an website, among websites or when you use an application. The type of information we collect through cookies include:

  • IP address ;
  • device identification;
  • visited pages;
  • type of browser;
  • search information;
  • operating system;
  • Internet services supplier;
  • timestamp;
  • if you responded to an advertisement;
  • referral URL;
  • used features or activities carried out within the site/applications.

Our website and applications use cookies for multiple purposes:

Technical cookies: We try to offer our visitors easy to use websites and applications which automatically adapt to their needs and wishes. We use technical cookies to display our website, to create your user account, to authenticate you and to administrate your bookings. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to work properly.

Functional cookies: We use functional cookies to memorize your preferences and to help you use our site and applications in an effective manner. If you use our Travlocals.com sites and applications to look for an Experience, for instance, these cookies memorize your currency and language preferences, your searches and Service Providers that you’ve seen before. We can also use these cookies to memorize the necessary information for authentification, so that you will not need to authenticate every time you visit our website. However, the passwords will always be encrypted. These functional cookies are not absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our website and applications, but they add functionality and improve your experience on Travlocals.com.

Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to observe how our visitors use the Travlocals.com platform. This means we can find out what works and doesn’t, optimize and improve our website and applications, understand the efficacy of commercials and notifications and we assure that we are still interesting and relevant. The data we collect includes visited web pages, what pages you closed and what pages you entered, what type of platform you used, what e-mails you opened and on what e-mails you took action on and other information about date and time. 

We also may use details about how you interacted with the website, for example the number of times you clicked on a certain page, the movement of the mouse and the page replay activity, the key-words used for searching and the text you write in certain fields. We use analytical cookies as part of our online marketing campaigns to find out how users interact with the website of a third party. Analytical cookies can be used to let our business partners know if their clients used booking offers included in their websites.

Commercial cookies: We use our and third parties cookies to show you personalized commercials on our websites and other websites. This process is called “retargeting” and it is based on your browsing activities on our website, like the destinations you searched for, the accommodation units you saw and the prices which were shown to you. 

  1. No taxes and commissions for users. Service providers pay subscription!

The Travlocals.com platform does not get commission from transactions and does not add service fees or any other taxes. The users will pay to the Service Provider the amount specified on the platform or the amount fixed after direct discussions (on the phone or by internal messaging). To avoid any misunderstanding, we advise our users to ask for a written confirmation if they managed to get a better offer than that shown on the site after verbal discussions. 

Service Providers will pay a competitive membership to be promoted on the Platform. This varies depending on the type of experience they offer or the duration of the membership. The scale has different prices for trimestrial, semestrial and annual memberships. Each Service Provider will receive a grace period (or any other offer which is more favourable) in which they will get to become familiar with the Platform facilities and to convince of its utility. At the end of the grace period, Service Providers are not forced to conclude a membership with Travlocals Promo SRL, it’s up to them if they want to or not. 

Only Service Providers who have a commercial relationship with Travlocals.com (by contract) can subscribe to the Platform services. Travlocals.com is not an open platform, like Olx, Amazon or Ebay, so, we reserve the right to select our collaborators, according to the conditions mentioned in the Partners section.

  1. Bank transfer or cash payment

For certain prices or special offers (non-refundable), please keep in mind that the Service Provider can request the payment to be made in advance, by bank transfer, sometimes without the possibility of refund. Please check the (booking) details for the product or service you chose for any of these conditions before you book your Experience. You will not consider Travlocals.com responsible for any authorized, assumed or mistaken tax by the Service Provider, including the advance payment, no-show and cancellation.

Travlocals.com is not part in the transaction process, so all responsibilities from this process go to the client and to the Service Provider. Travlocals.com lets them choose the payment method, either by bank transfer, or by cash directly at the location, when going on the experience.

  1. Advance payment, cancellation, no-show and important details.

 By making a Reservation of a service at the Service Provider, you accept and agree with the cancellation and no-show policy of that Service Provider and with any other additional terms and conditions (for delivery) of the Service Provider applicable to the visit or Service (including important details of the Service Provider which are available on our Platform and important relevant information of the Service Provider), including for the performed services and/or offered products by the accommodation provider (delivery terms and conditions of an accommodation unit can be obtained from that certain accommodation unit). The general cancellation and no-show policy of each Service Provider is available on our Platform, on the Service Provider’s information page, during the booking process. Please keep in mind that certain prices or special offers do not qualify for cancellation or modification. Applicable tourism or municipal taxes can be collected by the Service Provider in case of no-show or not free cancellation. Please check carefully the booking details of the product or service you chose to see if there are certain conditions before you make a booking. The cancellation policies advance payment may vary depending on the Experience. Please read carefully the important details and information from the Experience’s page, for additional policies applied by the Service Provider (for instance, age restriction, security deposit, not-cancellation additional supplements for group reservations, additional beds/ breakfast, pets/accepted cards). Late payments, mistaken banks, wrong details of the credit or debit card, invalid credit or debit cards or insufficient funds are at your own risk and in your account and you will not get the right to refund of a sum (non-refundable) which you paid in advance, with the exception of the Service Provider agreeing or allowing it by their (pre)payment or cancellation policy.

If you want to see one more time, modify or cancel the Booking of your experience, please contact the Service Provider by internal messaging or by the contact data provided by them on the platform. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to pay for the cancellation according to the cancellation, no-show or (pre) payment policies of the Service Provider and you will not a right to get back any sum you’d already paid. We recommend you to read carefully the cancellation, no-show and (pre)payment policies of the accommodation provider before you make a booking or to remember to make the payments in time according to the booking requests.

If you arrive late on the check-in date or if you arrive the next day, make sure you tell that (promptly/in advance) to the Service Provider so that they know when to wait for you. Travlocals.com does not accept any responsibility or accountability for the consequences caused by your late arrival or in relation to any cancellation or collecting the tax for the no-show by the Service Provider (where appropriate).

  1. Correspondence (supplementary)

By filling in a Holiday Booking, you agree to receive (i) an e-mail which we will send to you right before the date of your arrival which contains information about your destination and other information and offers (including information from third parties, on condition that you actively opted for these information) which are relevant for your booking and destination, (ii) an e-mail after arrival to evaluate (your experience) with the Holiday Provider and the travel service, and (iii) an e-mail which we may send immediately after your holiday in which you will be invited to fill in our client comments form. We ask you to read our confidentiality and cookies policy for more information about ways in which we can contact you.

 Travlocals.com denies any responsibility regarding the communication with the Service Provider on or by their platform. Travlocals.com can not guarantee that requests or notices will be (properly and on time) delivered/read, fulfilled, executed or accepted by the Service Provider.

To complete and secure your experience Reservation, you must use your correct e-mail address. We are not responsible and we do not respond for (and we are not obliged to check) wrong, misspelled e-mail addresses or incorrect (mobile) phone numbers.

Any complaint or reclamation against Travlocals.com or regarding the Services/ Experiences must be submitted promptly,but, in any case, in a time limit of 30 days from the date of product or service consumption (for example, the check-out date). Any complaint or reclamation submitted after the 30 days period can be rejected and the applicant loses any right to compensation (for damages or in money).

Because of the regular updates and adjustements of prices and availability, we recommend you to take print screens when you make a booking, so that you can support your position (if necessary).

For consumers (within European Economic Area): We advise you to let us know in advance about any complaints on the e-mail address contact@travlocals.com.

  1. Ranking, preferential programme, stars and customer reviews

The display of experiences on the static or dynamic pages on Travlocals.com is done depending on the filters entered by the client, either randomly, or manually by the platform administrator. We usually favour the experiences with high-quality media content and those with the best ratings and reviews.

  1. Repudiation


According to the limits established by these terms and conditions and by limits allowed by law, nor us, neither one of the employees, directors, representatives, subsidiaries, our affiliated companies, distributors, affiliated (distribution) partners, empowered people, agencies or other parties involved in the creation, sponsorship, promotion or availability of our website and its content in other way will not be held responsible for (i) any loss or special, indirect, important, punitive damage, any production, profit, income, contract loss, loss or damage of reputation and good name, loss of claims, (ii) any inaccuracy related to (descriptive) information (including prices, availability and classifications) of the Service Provider which is presented as available on our Platform, (iii) performed services or offered products by our Service Provider or other business partners, (iv) any damage,loss or costs (direct,indirect, important or punitive) which you paid or incurred by you, produced by, as a result of or regarding the use, failure to use or delays of our Platform, or (v) any harm, death, damage of (personal) properties or other damages, losses or costs (direct, indirect, special, resulted or punitive) which you suffered, produced or paid by you, due to (legal) acts, errors, violations of the law, (gross) negligence, inappropriate conduct, omissions, non-execution, poor representation, prejudice or strict or (totally or partially) attributable liability of our Service Provider or other business partners (including employees, managers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or services are made available (directly or indirectly), offered or promoted on or by our Platform, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, major force or any other event above our control.

Travlocals.com does not take responsibility for the use, validity, quality, adjustement and proper disclosure of the Experience and does not make any declaration, guarantee or conditions in this regard, no matter if it’s implicit, legal or not, including any implied guarantee of merchantability, title, non-infringement or suitability for a certain purpose. You admit and you agree that the relevant Service Provider is the only one responsible and takes all responsibility and accountability regarding the service (including the guarantees and declarations made by the Service Provider). Travlocals.com is not a (re)seller of the experiences. Complaints and claims regarding the experiences (including price, policy or requests made by clients) must be handled by the Service Provider.

Travlocals.com does not take responsibility for such complaints, claims and guarantees (regarding the product).

Whether if the Service Provider is collecting or not the price for the room, product or servies, you admit and agree with the fact that the Service Provider is responsible at all times for the collecting, remission and payment of the charge applicable to the total price (of the room/booking) for the relevant tax authority. Travlocals.com is not responsible or accountable for the collecting, retention, remission and payment of the charge applicable to the total price (of the room/booking) to the relevant tax authority.

By uploading photos/images to our system (for example, next to a review) you certify, guarantee and agree that you own copyright of them and you agree that Travlocals.com can use the uploaded photos/images on their website and mobile applications, as well as in their (online/offline) promotional materials, publications if Travlocals.com considers it appropriate. You give Travlocals.com non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional and perpetual rights and licenses to use, reproduce, show, order to be reproduced, share, sublicense, communicate and lay off  photos/images if Travlocals.com finds it appropriate. By uploading these photos/images, the person who is uploading them takes total moral and legal responsibility to claims made by third parties (including but not only resuming to the accommodation units owners), for the use and publish by Travlocals.com of these photos/images. Travlocals.com does not own and approve these uploaded photos/images. Fidelity, fairness and the right to use these photos/images are taken into responsibility by the person who uploaded them and Travlocals.com is not responsible for them. Travlocals.com denies any responsibility and accountability regarding the shown images. The person uploading these images guarantees that these do not contain viruses, Trojan horses, infected files and do not contain pornography, illegal, obscene, offensive, inappropriate materials or materials to which you can object and does not violate the rights of a third party (intellectual property right, copyright, right to privacy). Any photo/image which does not meet the criteria listed above will not be uploaded and/or may be erased/removed by Travlocals.com at any time and without a previous notice.

Except being mentioned otherwise, the necessary software for our service or available and used on our Platform and the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of the contents, information and materials on our Platform are the property of Travlocals.com and of our partner Service Providers. 

Travlocals.com has exclusive property on every right, title and interest over and for (every intellectual property right) (design and functionalities  (including infrastructure) the Platform the service is offered on (including reviews and translated content) and you do not have the right to copy, scape, (hyper-/deep) link, publish, promote, sell, integrate, use or combine the content in other way (including translations of content and reviews) or our trademark without our express permission, in writing. If you use or combine (totally or partially) our (translated) content (including reviews) or you get in some other way intellectual property rights on our Platform or any (translated) content or review by the present you assign and transfer all these intellectual property rights to Travlocals.com. Any illegal use or any of the actions or behaviours previously mentioned will constitute a material violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and data base rights).

  1. Applicable law, jurisdiction and dispute settlement

These terms and conditions and supply of services will be ruled and interpreted in accordance to the Romanian law. Without prejudging the choice of law, an individual who is using any of our services for a purpose which can be considered outside their field of activity (further named „consumer”) can rely on the mandatory provisions of the laws in the country they have their residence in. Any dispute arisen from these general terms and conditions and our services will be addressed exclusively to the competent court from Pitesti, Arges, Romania. Without prejudging the jurisdictional clause above, a consumer can, also, bring an action before the court where they are living. For consumers (in the European Economic Area): We advise you to let us now in advance regarding any complaint at the e-mail address support@travlocals.com.

The original version of these terms and conditions is in Romanian and was translated to other languages. The translated version is a favour and it is only a translation of our company and you can not claim rights from the translated version. In case of dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions or the inconsistency or the discrepancy between the Romanian version and any other version, the Romanian one will apply, within the limits allowed by law, will take priority and will be decisive. The Romanian version is available on our Platform.

If any provision of these terms and conditions becomes invalid, unapplicable or non-compulsory, you will remain under the binding of the other provisions. In this case, the invalid provisions will still be applicable as much as legislation in place allows and you will agree to accept a similar effect to that of the invalid, unapplicable or non-compulsory provisions, in line with the content and the purpose of these terms and conditions.

Dispute settlement

We encourage you to contact us regarding any complaint on the e-mail address: support@travlocals.com

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