8 reasons not to ever visit Romania

Romania is the country from the European Union which attracts the least foreign tourists, according to the latest statistics of NIS, in 2019. Although it is one of the most spectacular countries from Europe, the poor promotion strategy repelled tourists just like 2 magnets of the same pole repel each other.

The Travlocals.com booking platform, focused on locally oriented experiences and premium rural tourism aimed to tear apart these 8 reasons you should never visit Romania.

  1. Is Romania safe?

No, Romania is not a safe country for criminals and terrorists. Our country is on the 25th place in the safest countries of the world top, having a very low crime rate and no mass terrorist attack.

  1. Is Romania an expensive country?

Yes, our country is so expensive that many foreign tourists who are visiting it opt for stays of minimum one week, unlike the 3-4 days average stay in the neighbouring countries.

  1. Is Romania a poor country?

Yes, Romania is a poor country, ideal for the lovers of authentic rural tourism. The lack of chaotic development helped the excellent preservation of the traditions and customs which are centuries old.

In this country, isolated communities which have an archaic lifestyle still exists. We can say that these people are poor when it comes to their wealth, but they are spiritually rich and willing to offer guests who are crossing their threshold everything they have.

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