When to visit the Danube Delta?

This a question with an apparently simple answer, if we look at the tourist flows.

But in this article, you will see why other seasons are more suitable than summer to spend your vacation in the Danube Delta.

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Best Times to Visit the Danube Delta: A Seasonal Breakdown

Spring in the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is most spectacular in spring, especially in late April and early May. This is the period when nature comes back to life. The first aquatic plants appear, the banks are filled with wildflowers, the reeds regenerate, and the trees turn green.

The herons return from the Mediterranean, the pelicans from Ethiopia, and the red-footed falcon and storks from Africa. Also, in spring, the mating rituals begin, with songs and dances specific to each species.

At the same time, specialists say that in spring, birds have the most beautiful plumage. If you consider the over 2,000 bird species that migrate to the Danube Delta in spring, you will realize that every day you will witness a new spectacle.

Another reason why you should visit the delta in spring is that during this rainy season, the biosphere is flooded with Danube waters. The collapsed banks disappear completely from the landscape, and the sea of water surrounds the deserted or populated islets. The flooded forests are teeming with life, and many of the trails that are closed during the summer are now open

The giant fish retreat to shallower waters to lay their eggs. During this 60-day prohibition period (April 11 - June 9), fishing is not allowed. If you are an avid fisherman, it is best to carefully check the period because the prohibition varies depending on the species and the area.

Another reason to visit the Danube Delta in spring is the absence of mosquitoes. These insects that disturb many tourists in summer are in hibernation during this season.

Also, except for the spring holiday period, the Danube Delta is much quieter during this season. The fishing ban and the absence of holidays give you the chance to fully enjoy the wildest area of Europe.

Last but not least, the rates are more affordable because the tourist flow is lower. Therefore, this season offers you many reasons why you should visit the Danube Delta in spring.

Summer in the Danube Delta

Summer in the Danube Delta is not as spectacular as spring. However, it remains the main tourist season due to the holiday period.

Good weather is almost guaranteed, giving you the opportunity to laze on the beach all day long. Also, if you are an experienced swimmer, you can swim in the Black Sea or in the Danube. The water temperature sometimes exceeds 23-24 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for cooling off after a hot day of fishing.

Speaking of fishing, summer is not really good for this sport, even though it is legal now. The waters are warmer and lower, and the fish seek to hide in cooler places, such as the shore on the bottom of the water. Some canals and even lakes become inaccessible by boat.

In addition, the heat can often create discomfort for the most sensitive. Summer in the Danube Delta is often torrid. Because of this, but also because of the drought, the raw green from spring sometimes turns into a pale yellow. Perhaps for most people, this is an irrelevant aspect, but for wow photo hunters, it certainly matters.

The guesthouses and taverns are full. Lots of fun and a vacation atmosphere. But fresh fish is harder to find, especially during peak periods when consumption is high.

The rates are higher because demand is higher, and peace and quiet are often disturbed by the engines of boats that buzz along the canals.

Autumn in the Danube Delta

Autumn in the Danube Delta brings a peaceful atmosphere. Migratory birds leave this fairytale land and head towards warmer countries. The spectacle is guaranteed. Locals consider autumn to be the most suitable season for a trip to this biosphere reserve.

Temperatures in the Danube Delta in September and October sometimes exceed 25 degrees Celsius and rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius during the day. Mornings and evenings can be cool, so don't forget to bring a thick jacket.

Also, autumn is the season for fishermen. Locals say that the fishing rod never comes out of the water without a catch in this season.

Tourist service prices drop by approximately 30%, so you have one more reason to visit the Danube Delta in autumn. Make your reservation in advance. The number of guests eager to visit the wildest delta in the world is constantly increasing, which has led to the extension of the season in recent years.

Winter in the Danube Delta

Once upon a time, winter in the Danube Delta was completely inaccessible to tourists. Harsh cold, blizzards, and frozen waters isolated fishing communities in the wilderness. But with global warming, things have changed. For this reason, and also for the reasons we will explain further, the season tends to extend to 12 months a year.

It may be surprising, but in winter in the Danube Delta, you can see many things that are very hard to see in any other season.  The lack of vegetation exposes wild animals, and unfrozen water whirlpools attract them like a magnet. The supreme silence makes them feel at ease and allows them to be admired. Among them, we enumerate otters, common raccoon dogs, wildcats, jackals, deer, wild boars, and many other species.

Moreover, there are over 100 bird species that nest in the Danube Delta in winter. Swans waltz on the surface of unfrozen waters. The red-breasted goose, an endangered species, is a bird that can be seen in the delta only from November to March.

Flocks of geese and ducks, which are grouped in smaller areas, are now hunted by large predators, such as white-tailed eagles. Also, many northern specimens spend winter in the Danube Delta.

Mosquitoes, of course, are not present. They wouldn't have anything to sting, considering the level of equipment humans have given the weather conditions.

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Therefore, if you didn't know when to visit the Danube Delta before, now you have plenty of information to help you make that decision.

And if you have decided to spend your vacation here, we leave you a list of accommodations and experiences in the Danube Delta, which are truly spectacular.