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Travlocals.com is an exclusive platform, developed around solid values, with the purpose of creating a reforming new wave in Romanian tourism.


With tens of thousands of bookings generated and a significant impact in its five years of activity, the platform has enjoyed great notoriety, receiving appreciations throughout the business and lifestyle press in Romania.


Gradually, Travlocals has attracted the attention of the international audience, not only through appearances in relevant press but also through various titles won in profile competitions.


In 2022, Travlocals won the title of "Most Authentic Tourism Start-Up in Europe" in the European Travel Awards. In 2023, Travlocals won the title of "Best Romanian Holiday Booking Platform" in the same contest.


The founder, Radu Fusea, gradually became one of the main voices of niche tourism in Romania, thanks to the objective assessments he constantly made. With numerous TV interventions and appearances in relevant press, he has earned his place on the jury of the most renowned galas in Romanian tourism: Romanian Hospitality Awards 2020 and Top Hotel Awards 2023.



"Aware of the beauty and riches of this country, we decided to launch Travlocals, an exclusive club for the Romanian tourism, that can compete successfully, at any time, at the international level.


We built from the start based on solid values, considering that only this way we can produce a reform. Even though our ideas were not always accepted or were ignored in the community, over time we managed to set standards that more and more hosts want to reach.


The mission was not easy at all. We navigated through the troubled waters that sank all similar previous initiatives, but in the end, we managed to change mentalities and earn the respect of our partners.


Today we have the satisfaction of a united community, based on mutual respect, a community with which we can further develop niche tourism."


 radu fusea travlocals

Radu Fusea

Founder of Travlocals


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