Today, we’re presenting you the most beautiful beaches in the Danube Delta.

From Sulina to Navodari, we'll discover together the wild coastline of the Black Sea.

Spectacular places with fine sand and clear waters. Fishing spots with delicious dishes. Rich biodiversity and dreamlike landscapes.

Sounds good, right?

Well, here's a different kind of beach vacation.

plaje delta dunarii

Discovering the Renowned Beaches of the Danube Delta

1. Sulina Beach

Located approximately 3 km from the city center, Sulina Beach is accessible by foot, by car, or by maxi taxi. The road to the beach passes mostly through fields and is not shaded. So, if you venture out on foot, make sure to do it at a time when the sun is not too hot.

The very fine sand, clear water that deepens slowly, and developed facilities make this one of the most sought-after beaches in the Danube Delta.

Here you will find playgrounds for children, showers, restrooms, kiosks with snacks and cold drinks, reed umbrellas, and loungers. There are also two fish restaurants with shaded terraces. These are ideal for retreating at noon when the sun is strong, and hunger sets in.

If you go further away from this area, you will find an idyllic landscape. Animals lazing on the hot sand and cooling off in the sea, strictly protected plant species, and beautiful shells. You can spend an entire day here without being disturbed by anyone.

2. Sfantu Gheorghe Beach

Located approximately 3 km from the village of the same name, Sfantu Gheorghe Beach is at least as beautiful as the one in Sulina. Access can be done by foot, by boat, or by motorized vehicles with an attached trailer.

Even though it is a little wilder and preserves better the charm of a virgin place, we also find amenities here that offer you comfort.

Two fish restaurants with fresh fish and cold beer are ready to pamper you at noon. The loungers and reed umbrellas are ready if you don't want to stray too far from the facilitated area.

To make everything idyllic, horses and cows also make their presence felt here, lazing on the sand all day long.

And if you want to see something wow, you can take a short walk on the beach to where the Danube and the Black Sea embrace each other. Sulina Beach does not offer this opportunity, as the Sulina Branch is artificially arranged for navigation, and its discharge is made offshore.

3. Gura Portitei Beach

Being somewhat isolated from the rest of civilization, thanks to the Razim-Sinoe lagoon complex, Gura Portitei Beach offers a little bit of everything. Cozy accommodations, fish restaurants, arranged beaches, or completely wild areas with rich biodiversity. Regardless of your preferences, we guarantee you won't get bored here, even if you stay for a week.

The fine sand and clear water that deepens slowly make this beach ideal for families with children.

Access here is only by boat, and the nearest town is Jurilovca. The good thing is that at Gura Portitei you'll find all the necessary infrastructure for an extended stay in the Danube Delta.

During the summer season, various events are organized here, such as concerts, or theater and dance performances. For the more active, there are also options for various beach or water sports.

The combination of marine and lake landscapes makes this one of the most spectacular beaches in the Danube Delta.

4. Vadu Beach

One of the last virgin beaches on the Romanian coast, Vadu Beach is located approximately 5 km away from the village with the same name. Access is via a narrow concrete road that crosses fields with sand dunes, rare plants, and flowers. Some of these plant species can no longer be found anywhere else in the world.

Vadu Beach is devoid of any facilities. Camping is prohibited in order to preserve this wild environment as much as possible. However, you can sunbathe and swim in the sea undisturbed.

Nearby, there is a place where you can camp, a fish restaurant where you can eat, ecological toilets, and a lifeguard post.

5. Corbu Beach

Although closer to the city of Navodari and the famous resort of Mamaia, Corbu Beach manages to preserve its special charm. Located in the immediate vicinity of the protected area Grindul Chituc, this beach also has a special regime, but it is not always respected.

Unlike the other beaches in the Danube Delta, various accommodation options have started to appear here. Urban development in the vicinity risks endangering the conservation of this fairytale land.

With a length of approximately 20 km and a width of 50m, the beach is not crowded, offering privacy to those who seek it.

Therefore, the Romanian Black Sea coast, especially its northern area, offers multiple options for those who love the sea but not the hustle and bustle of resorts.

The beaches of the Danube Delta can be ideal retreats whenever you need a getaway to the sea.

Thanks to their diversity and nearby tourist attractions, each of these beaches is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

And if you have decided to have your next vacation on the Romanian coast, see here the top accommodations and experiences in the Danube Delta or the Black Sea.