Fishing in the Danube Delta can be a memorable experience or a total failure.

Whether you are a first-timer or have not been successful so far, this article will help you.

We will cover everything from legislation to seasonality and offer tips on good fishing spots.

Fishing in the Danube Delta: Important Legal Aspects

You should know that there are areas in the Danube Delta where fishing is prohibited all year round.

These areas are:

- Zones with integral protection regime in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Arinisul Erenciuc, Bisericuta Island, Sacalin Zatoane, Grindul Chituc, Grindul Lupilor, Istria – Sinoie, Belciug Lake, Nebunu Lake, Popina Island, Periteasca- Leahova, Potcoava Lake, Raducu Lake, Rotundu Lake, Caraorman Forest, Letea Forest, Vatafu -Lungulet, Saraturi Murighiol, Rosca-Buhaiova, Prundu cu Pasari Islands, Ceaplace Island);

- Zaghen and Carasuhat renatured areas;

To see the detailed periods and prohibition zones, please study Order No. 10/235/2023.

In addition, the recreational fishing zones in the Danube Delta are mentioned in Order No. 159/1266 of June 24, 2011, Appendix 3.

Regardless of the type of fishing you practice, you need a permit, which can be obtained from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration (DDBRA).

On the territory of the "Danube Delta" Biosphere Reserve, recreational/sport fishing of pike, carp, pikeperch, and catfish can only be done in catch & release mode, with the immediate release of the caught specimens. However, the retention of a single specimen per day of each species is allowed, but not exceeding 3kg.

prohibitie delta dunarii

Furthermore, if you want to practice recreational/sport fishing in the Danube Delta, you should know that you cannot transport more than 10kg/person or 15kg/family of fish, regardless of the number of days you have practiced the activity.

Another aspect to be aware of is the minimum size of the caught specimens. The minimum values are regulated in Order No. 342 of May 28, 2008.

Camping in the Danube Delta is prohibited in unauthorized places. Authorized places are those arranged and equipped with adequate hygiene and sanitation requirements, where, of course, camping is done for a fee. If you plan to violate this legal provision, here are the possible sanctions - DECISION No. 1.194 of September 29, 2022.

Finally, you should know that the maximum number of fishing rods you can use in the Danube Delta is four, with a maximum of two hooks.

The legislation regarding the prohibition in the Danube Delta is updated every year and usually appears during spring. It can be found in the Romanian Official Gazette.

The Best Fishing Spots in the Danube Delta

As you have already seen, fishing in the Danube Delta is strictly regulated. Practicing this recreational activity without studying the legislation exposes you to the risk of significant sanctions.

Under these conditions, in order to be successful, we recommend the best fishing spots:

  • Mila 23 area - a well-known location not only as the birthplace of the great champion Ivan Patzaichin, but also for the success that fishermen have in this area. Here you can fish without any problems from the shore or from a boat;
  • Olguta Channel allows access for fishermen only by boat due to the abundant vegetation on the banks. This is the preferred spot for pike and perch fishing;
  • Fortuna Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Danube Delta, is easily accessible from the Sulina Branch. Here you can fish from a boat or from the shore. It is the preferred spot for fishermen looking for catfish and perch;
  • On the Old Danube Branch, towards Mahmudia, at Enisala, or on Traian Pond;


locuri de pescuit in Delta Dunarii

Responsible fishing in the Danube Delta will help conserve and regenerate species. In order to fully enjoy this wild paradise, please do not disturb the birds and keep the fishing spots clean.

If you need accommodation in the Danube Delta, we offer a list of guesthouses, restored traditional houses, and rustic resorts where you can have authentic experiences.