Do you want to spend your next vacation in the Apuseni Mountains? They are considered by international publications as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe, regardless of the season.

Located in western Transylvania, the Apuseni Mountains are described as an ideal tourist destination for the summer season.

Cool temperatures, deserted paths that wind through the ancient forests, and limestone ridges have convinced the famous publication CNN to include the Apuseni Mountains in the top tourist attractions in Europe.

Brown bears and wolves roam freely in these wild lands. You'll need a pretty sharp eye to spot them, though.

By the way, did you know that approximately 50% of Europe's large carnivore population is in the Romanian Carpathians?

The pristine nature and wildlife in the Apuseni Natural Park are by no means the only reasons to spend your next vacation in Romania.

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Where Are The Apuseni Mountains Located?

The Apuseni Mountains are located in Romania (Southeastern Europe) and are part of the Western Carpathians, situated in western Transylvania.

If you want to travel to the Apuseni Mountains from outside the country, you can easily reach them thanks to the airport in Cluj. It is located within a maximum of 100 km from any of the tourist attractions presented by us.

Depending on the objectives you want to visit, you can use public transportation or rent a car from one of the local companies.

Interesting Facts About The Apuseni Mountains

The highest peak in the Apuseni Mountains is Curcubatura Mare (1849 m). This altitude is quite low compared to the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m).

The Apuseni Mountains are extremely rich in precious minerals, the most important of which is gold. Exploitation has been practiced since the time of the Dacians, but it experienced a major expansion during the Roman domination.

The climate in the Apuseni Mountains is specific to the middle mountains. The high ridges have humid and cold weather, while the southwest slopes have foehn winds.

The Apuseni Natural Park has an important hydrographic network. The most important rivers (Crisurile, Ariesul, Somesul Mic) spring from the central massif. They have a rich and sustained flow.

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The vegetation of the Apuseni Mountains alternates from fir forests to coniferous ones towards the peaks. Descending towards the clearings in the valley, we pass through deciduous forests, meadows, and natural pastures.

One of the main tourist attractions in Romania is represented by the caves in Apuseni. Scarisoara Glacier, Bear's Cave, Meziad or Focul Viu are just a few of them.

The Apuseni Mountains are the most populated mountains in Romania. However, the isolated mountain hamlets, called "cranguri," are almost deserted. Even so, they attract tourists eager to discover how people lived hundreds of years ago.

Romania is one of the most beautiful rural destinations in Europe

Romania is one of the most conservative countries in Europe. Even though this does not always bring benefits, we cannot deny the obvious advantages.

It is no coincidence that our country has the last virgin forests on this continent.

Also, our mountains are home to over 50% of Europe's large carnivore population (over 2750 wolves and over 4350 brown bears). With the banning of hunting, the populations are constantly increasing.

So, a new tourism opportunity arises, even a sustainable one, unlike hunting-based tourism. It's about observing wild animals in their natural habitat.

At the same time, Romania still preserves ancient traditions and customs excellently. People from all over the world come here in increasing numbers to connect with a world long gone in the rest of Europe.

Are You A Fan Of Rural Tourism? Plan Your Vacation In The Apuseni Mountains

Are you tired of the classic vacations that you forget as soon as they end? Do you want to create memories for a lifetime?

The solution for you is a vacation in the Apuseni Mountains, one of the most conservative tourist destinations in Europe. Here, you will have the opportunity to re-balance yourself physically and emotionally.

So, expect a warm welcome, unique culinary experiences, interaction with local traditions and customs, and much more.

Accommodation In The Apuseni Mountains? Top Guesthouses And Cabins

We have walked the paths to uncover the most beautiful accommodation options in the Apuseni Mountains. We found plenty of restored traditional houses, agro-tourist guesthouses, glamping sites, and treehouses.

If you want to discover the local charm, you can choose to stay in traditional houses in isolated mountain villages. Or you can opt for an eco-tourism guesthouse.

If you want a more exotic place, you have plenty of options, such as glamping or treehouses. In the Apuseni Mountains, there are some of the most spectacular cabins in Romania.

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Enjoy other experiences in the Apuseni Mountains

  • Winter hiking;
  • Ski touring or skiing – Apuseni ski resorts: Arieseni, Stana de Vale, Marisel;
  • Summer hiking – 35 marked tourist trails;
  • Visit the caves in the Apuseni Mountains;
  • Canyoning – Padis area (Galbenei Canyon, Oselu Canyon, Valea Seaca Canyon, Cheia Rea Canyon);
  • Rafting and kayaking on rapids;
  • Mountaineering and climbing;