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Hi, I'm Mihai T.

Don't we all dream of moving one day to a peaceful place, full of tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery, maybe even a small forest or a flowing stream? A place where we can forget about worries, the madness of our work, and the crowded city? A place we know from books, from our childhood, or from our dreams? Well, Ruxandra and Mihai - two Bucharest natives raised in apartment buildings - have always dreamed of this, and when we met, we realized we both love the same kind of place. A place with the sound of a bell, a place with the call of the rooster, a place with the smell of freshly mown hay, a place where the morning chill hits your nostrils even in July, a place with the smell of freshly baked bread, a place with visits to aunts who serve you raspberry sorbet or cold elderflower syrup, a place where your footsteps leave a scent of thyme when you tread on the green earth... Who would have thought we would find fulfillment so quickly in the place we loved? We wanted to spend as much time here as possible, and five years ago, this place became "home". We created a mini-hotel through which we want to share our joy with others. Our guests can experience that home away from home, a place where simple things become the greatest joys. Our luck is that we form the perfect team: Ruxandra is a designer and artist, and every corner of the house bears her imprint, while Mihai is passionate about cooking, and thus, textures, shapes, colors, flavors all come from his hands, all out of passion, he is: The Baker. Thus, we created a place that we imagine as the perfect hotel. A very special place, with a tangible charm, which makes the stay unforgettable. Our villa, THE BAKER's HOUSE, is small, authentic, individual, and with its own style. A touch of a distant yet contemporary world, with space for well-being and happiness. See you soon at THE BAKER's HOUSE - Leresti! Ruxandra and Mihai
Alte destinatii - Lerești, Argeş, România
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