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Viscri 32, White Barn & Blue House

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Our rooms are located in the Blue House, built in 1912 by the Dootz family, and in the New Barn, a romantic reconversion of a wooden barn built in 1869. We started the restoration process in 2016 using local craftsmen and traditional materials and techniques.

From the start, our goal was to respect the original methods used in masonry around the area. We gave life to the place with the help of our architect, Cristian Kiss, and a trustworthy team of craftsmen from the region. By using old style, Saxon charm, and a twist of modern ingenuity, we touched up the rooms, filled them with authentic, restored furniture pieces, and incorporated two bathrooms and a kitchen to satisfy contemporary city dweller needs.

Our adventure was shaped by the openness and willingness of some our neighbours to contribute to our story. We had help from local carpenters who worked wonders on fixing missing windows and doors, or using hand made materials to remake the walls of the house.

We learn a lot about restoring furniture, hunting for antiques in the villages and antique fairs, finding traditional pottery and even assembling our own painted wood stoves. One of our crowning success stories was replacing the missing “armuroi” of the house, which is a Saxon painted wall chest.

In 2020 we put the finishing touches on the conversion of our small barn into two additional guest rooms. We wanted to offer an authentic stay with a modern touch. The two rooms in the attic work as a canvas for organic textures such as old wood, handmade bricks, painted ceramic tiles and earth plaster.

Transylvanian Slow Food Gastronomy

Seasonal ingredients from local farmers come alive in age old recipes prepared with care.

Naturally grown, mindfully harvested, and phenomenally cooked. It’s that simple.

Even if you’re not a foodie, we guarantee you’ll appreciate what’s going on in Transylvania nowadays. You just have to like food. Really good food.

After we restored the Saxon house, we focused our efforts to the White Barn. We converted the old buffalo stables into a kitchen and the hay stacking area into a dining area furnished and decorated with restored regional pieces. Behind the nowadays barn-restaurant there is a beautiful orchard where you can relax while enjoying our authentic or slightly reimagined Transylvanian recipes.

The ingredients we use are from within a radius somewhere close to 75 km from Viscri. Our menu changes daily or weekly, based on the ingredients we have available from our local farmers, and the season we are in. This means that the tomatoes we use are that sweet because Lucian picked them the day they arrived on your plate.

The team at Viscri 32 is strongly rooted in the village. Our social business model ensures a sustainable support of the local economy by hiring only fellow villagers. Besides us, Alexu and Mara, our staff is made up of eight neighbours, many of which are working with us as their first job, and many of which come from vulnerable social groups.

Most of them have other work to tend to before and after they leave 32, like taking care of their animals or studying for high school exams. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding with their lack of experience, and also for the free English lesson they get while taking your order.

Throughout the year, we organise tastings of locally made products and boutique Transylvanian wines. Mara also invites fellow chefs and hosts cooking sessions inspired by the gastronomical traditions and folklore of our village. Their creations delight guests by celebrating fresh, high quality, locally grown ingredients.

Please get in touch for a tasting menu, a wine pairing, or just to find out what Mara and our small team of ladies from the village are cooking this week. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our network of peasants, farmers and friends, let us know. We want to ensure you have an authentic experience of Transylvanian life during your visit.

+ Making a reservation is highly recommended.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via Travlocals!

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In order to confirm your reservation, you need to pay it in advance. If you want to cancel your reservation with more than 14 days before the check-in, you don't get a refund, but you can use your payment for a future reservation.


Smoking is prohibited on the property of Viscri 32, except for special places designed for smoking. Smoking inside the rooms or at a distance of less than 10 m from any of them or throwing cigarettes, mucus or garbage in other locations than the special ones arranged shall be sanctioned according to the law and with the cessation of the right of residence.


Viscri 32 is a resort intended mainly for adults, the access of children (people under 18) being allowed only with strict supervision of some adults.


Access with drinks from the outside, excessive alcohol or drugs consumption, use of your own audio systems (including portable speakers, high volume on the phone, etc.) are strictly forbidden.
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Viscri 32 – Entirely (10-13 Guests)

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Sunset room in the new barn (Twin – 2 Guests)

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Tree Room in the New Barn (2 Guests)

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Fräulein Room (2 Guests)

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Johann’s Room (2-4 Guests)

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