How can I update the location of an accommodation listed on

Dashboard > Host Account > Hotel Manager > All hotels > 'select listing' > Edit > Location   Updating the location of a listed accommodation on involves 2 steps: - including the[...]
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What does the "Minimum Advance Reservation" function represent and how do I use it?

A minimum advance reservation time establishes the minimum amount of time before check-in that a guest can book a room or unit. For exemple, if you want guests to book at least two days in advance of check-in, the minimum advance[...]
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What does the "Minimum Stay" function represent and how do I use it?

The "Minimum Stay" function refers to the minimum length of the stay. For example, if you entered the number 2 in the field corresponding to the function, the user will not be able to select a reservation for a period less than 2[...]
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How do I switch my property from being rented out entirely to renting out secondary units?

In this case, in the first editable field - Content - "By units" should be selected in the Booking Type section. This will move the Pricing and Availability sections to the Rooms Manager section. In the Rooms Manager, the subunits[...]
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I have an accommodation that I rented by subunits, but now I decide to rent it only entirely. What should I do?

If you have a property that you were renting out by room but decide to rent it out entirely, here's what you need to do: In the first editable field - Content - you need to check "Entirely" in the Booking Type section. This will bring back the[...]
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