How do I define the rooms in case of accommodation that is rented out in separate subunits?

If you have an accommodation that is rented out in separate subunits (e.g. rooms), you will first need to create the main listing, using By Room Layout. This refers to the details of the complex, hotel, guesthouse that includes the sub[...]
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How can I synchronize the calendar from Travlocals with those from, Airbnb, or other platforms?

The Travlocals calendar can be interconnected with those from other platforms in two ways: iCal code; channel manager;   Synchronizing the calendar via iCal   This type of synchronization is free, easy, but[...]
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How can I manually update the Travlocals calendar?

If you have a property listed on the Travlocals platform, you should know that you can update availability and rates both manually and automatically (by synchronizing with other platforms). The calendar can be manually updated in[...]
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How to easily update the Travlocals calendar on your phone

Manually updating the Travlocals calendar may take 1 minute. How can you do that? You just need to: - log into the site; - save the option to stay logged in; - access and save the following link on the screen of your[...]
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