Do you want to spend the Easter holidays in Maramures?

This vacation destination can get you into a world that has long disappeared in the rest of Europe.

In addition to old traditions and customs, you will be greeted with delicious cuisine, unique architecture, amazing places to visit and stunning accommodations.

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Easter in Maramures. Traditions and Customs

Easter holidays in Maramures come with other ancient customs. The people of Maramures consider Easter to be the most important religious celebration and also the most important day of spring. Therefore, around this holiday, you can get to know both religious traditions and pagan customs.

The Lent of Easter is dedicated with reverence to prayer and avoiding sins. During this period, the elders dress in modest garments with sober shades. On Holy Thursday, alms are given and the dead are commemorated. Men sacrifice lambs, and housewives decorate eggs with traditional motifs.

On the night of the Resurrection, people go to church to receive the Holy Light.

The first day of Easter finds the people of Maramures dressed in new clothes. Men bring the goodies that will be served at the festive table to be blessed. The first egg is cracked by the head of the family and its shells are used as medicine for animals. It is also believed that if the first guest welcomed into the household is a man, you will have good luck all year round.

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The traditions and customs in Maramures extend throughout the year. Perhaps the most famous of these is the tree with pots. If the pot at the top of the tree is red, it is said that the homeowner has a daughter to be married off. The number of pots signifies the family's availability to receive suitors and their wealth. After the wedding, a pot of a different color is placed at the top of the tree.

Maramures is a rural universe that still promotes traditional clothing, Christianity and the elderly as the epicenter of the community.

Easter Accommodations in Maramures

If you've decided to make the trip here, you probably want to have a memorable experience, not just a place to stay and eat. Therefore, we advise you to stay away from commercial places that practice mass tourism and to orient yourself toward locals.

Travlocals has gathered together the most spectacular accommodations in Maramures, from manors and traditional houses to isolated mountain cabins or other unique types of accommodations.

Here you can get in touch with old traditions and customs, explore the local cuisine, and get to know a way of life that is disappearing.

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