When it comes to tourist attractions, the Danube Delta is one of the coolest vacation destinations.

Do you want to have a memorable experience in the wildest wetland ecosystem in Europe?

We will present to you the main attractions and places to visit.

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Danube Delta: Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Destinations

1. Letea Forest

Letea Forest is the oldest natural reserve in Romania, covering over 5000 hectares. This virgin forest is home to the wild horses of the Danube Delta and is a true magnet for local tourism. Moreover, on the contorted trunks of the centuries-old trees, you will see lianas hanging, just like in the movies with Mowgli or Tarzan.

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2. Caraorman Forest

Caraorman Forest is one of the oldest and most extensive compact forests in the Danube Delta. On its surface of 2245 hectares, you will see impressive sand dunes. Their heights sometimes exceed 10 meters.

The majestic oaks here also have impressive heights, reaching over 30 meters at times. The star of the forest is an old oak tree, approximately 400 years old. Its branches touch the ground, earning it the nickname "the kneeling oak."

3. The Fishing Village of Uzlina

Uzlina is one of the wildest fishing villages in the biosphere reserve. It is located in the Murighiol commune, a commune known as the starting point for numerous boat trips in the Danube Delta.

Until the 1980s, Uzlina was home to over 3000 people. Two decades ago, catastrophic floods occurred, almost wiping out the entire settlement. The fishing families migrated to the village of Murighiol, with only eight of them remaining in Uzlina.

In recent years, numerous rustic resorts and traditional guesthouses have been developed here, where you can stay. The area has become one of the main tourist attractions of the Danube Delta.

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4. Jurilovca

Jurilovca is the locality that hosts the largest community of fishermen in the Danube Delta. Here, the ancient traditions and customs have been best preserved.

If you stay here, you will have the opportunity to listen to the fishing legends lived decades ago from the mouths of the elders. Also, you will be able to admire the traditional port and taste unique culinary dishes.

Cultural and culinary diversity makes this village one of the main tourist destinations in the Danube Delta.

5. The Wild Beaches Of The Black Sea

Sulina, Sfantu Gheorghe, Gura Portitei, Tuzla, Vadu, or Corbu are the wildest beaches on the Romanian coast. Are you looking for a bohemian beach to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of resorts? You must definitely visit one of them.

Here, cows bathe in the sea and rest on the warm sand, while wild horses run freely. Nature follows its course undisturbed.

However, if you feel the need for some comfort, you should know that only a few of these beaches have a fishing village nearby where you can eat fresh fish and drink good Dobrogean wine. So, it wouldn't hurt to bring everything you need with you.

6. Popina Island

Popina Island is the only rocky and pelagic island in Romania, after the loss of Serpent Island and the sinking of Ada-Kaleh Island.

It has an area of 98 hectares and a height of 47 meters, is currently part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, and is strictly protected by law. Numerous species of herbaceous plants, aquatic plants, birds, reptiles, and insects are preserved here.

7. Cape Dolosman and Argamum - Orgame Fortress

Cape Dolosman is the only rocky seafront on the Romanian coast. This tourist attraction, stretching for a distance of 3 km, is spectacular in any season.

Being the highest point in the area, it offers superb panoramas of the surroundings. On a clear day, visibility can reach a distance of 45 km, revealing, on one hand, the beautiful hills of Dobrogea, and on the other the grandeur of Razim Lake and the Black Sea.

But that's not all. On the crest of Cape Dolosman, the Argamum - Orgame Fortress was discovered in the 20th century. Inside it, the ruins of 3 paleo-Christian basilicas are found. The oldest of them dates back to the 4th century. Here was also discovered the oldest Greek tomb in the Black Sea basin.

Last but not least, Cape Dolosman is one of the few places that have preserved the fossil coastline of the Black Sea in the rocky wall.

All these make this tourist attraction one not to be missed.

8. The Multi-Ethnic Cemetery In Sulina

This multi-ethnic cemetery hides many legends. Great personalities of past centuries are buried here. However, it has become one of the main tourist attractions in the Danube Delta, thanks to the grave of the Greek pirate Kontoguris, the only grave of its kind in Europe.

9. The Shipwreck in Musura Bay and K Island

A boat trip to the shipwreck in Musura Bay, with a knowledgeable guide, can be a unique experience in the Danube Delta. The mysterious vessel, stranded just a few hundred meters from the New Lighthouse in Sulina, has an imposing presence. It can offer a perfect visual scene for the most spectacular photos.

And if you've made it to Musura Bay, don't forget to take a little detour to K Island. This is Romania's newest land, measuring 7 km in length and approximately 80 meters in width. It appeared after the 1980s and has since become a paradise for dozens of species of European conservation interest. The spectacle can only be seen from the water, as access to the island is prohibited.

10. Sacalin Island

Insula Sacalin has a history and characteristics similar to those of Island K, but it is older, larger, and located further south. The similarity between the two islands does not stop here, but continues with the fact that both are accompanied by a wreck.

Well, we believe these are the most important tourist attractions in the Danube Delta.

Our hosts will be able to provide you with information about lesser-known but equally beautiful places. Certainly, they are all worth seeing.

And if you have already decided to book your vacation, here is a list of the most spectacular accommodations and experiences.