Do you want to relive the times of childhood? To discover the new luxury of simplicity and peaceful living? Let's discover together traditions in Maramures, which will help you remember the beauty of countryside vacations.

traditii in maramures

There are places in Romania that can take you back in time, and today we will talk about one of them.

A reference destination for rural tourism, Maramures is abundant in tourist attractions.

However, one of the most important attractions is the old customs, very well preserved and respected with sanctity by the locals.

Customs and Traditions in Maramures

Maramures almost equally divides its territory between Romania and Ukraine. Romanian Maramures is the symbol of the archaic village, a separate world, guided by ancient values and customs, which gives you the impression that time has stopped.

People here respect with sanctity the inherited traditions and pass them on to future generations, preserving this cultural richness.

Most traditions in Maramures take place around holidays, making it a great time for a visit to such a destination.

Christmas and Easter are the most important Orthodox holidays. There are so many beautiful customs around them that we needed to dedicate a separate article for each:

Easter Traditions in Maramures

Christmas Traditions in Maramures

Between major religious holidays, the peasant engages in work, whether it be in the fields, mountains, or household. However, when it comes to celebrating, no one can surpass the people of Maramures. The music and dances from the places where they were born are proudly promoted and describe the everyday life of this community frozen in time.

Weddings in Maramures

Another event filled with traditions in Maramures is the wedding. A spectacular ritual accompanied by numerous songs and shouts about the new life that awaits the newlyweds.

In the villages here, courtship has clear rules. Girls and boys meet at gatherings or on holidays. Later, the boys take home the girls they like and ask their parents for permission to marry. If the boy is accepted, he must prepare his bride at his in-laws' house.

The engagement takes place only on Saturday evening after the young people receive the blessing of the priest of the village and the exchange of rings is made. Subsequently, the girl's parents are responsible for organizing the party with local musicians, food, and drinks.

At this party, the entire village and more are invited. Wealthier families leave the invitation to the callers (“chematori”). If you attend a wedding in Maramures, don't be surprised to see even a thousand guests celebrating the formation of the new family.

There are many other traditions in Maramures that precede the wedding celebration.

Maramures Traditional Costume

The Maramures traditional costume is at the heart of the rural universe in this region. Even now, you can see people dressed in traditional clothing not only during holidays but also while working in the fields.

portul popular maramuresan

With numerous somber or joyful notes, the traditional clothing from Maramures has a unique beauty. Woven on looms from linen and hemp fabrics for workdays, or cotton for holidays, these handmade masterpieces demonstrate the imagination and talent of Moroseni women.

All these old customs and traditions make Maramures one of the most beautiful vacation destinations for rural tourism enthusiasts.